Photos from the Memorial Day 2011 Service for the "Polar Bears"
at White Chapel Memorial Park Cemetery in Troy, MI


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The Polar Bear Monument - Sculpted by Leon Hermant and dedicated on May 30, 1930.

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Members of the hard-working crew at White Chapel

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Master of Ceremonies Mike Grobbel opens the Service.

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Posting of the Colors.

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Jenifer Kincer (background) sings our National Anthem.

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Jenifer Kincer and her accompanist.

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Guest Speaker Gordon Olson addresses the attendees. He is the editor of "A Michigan Polar Bear Confronts the Bolsheviks: A War Memoir", which is the memoir of Godfrey Anderson, 337th Field Hospital, American North Russia Expeditionary Force.

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A pair of A-10 "Warthogs" from the 127th Wing (ANG) stationed at Selfridge Field conducted a fly-over in honor of the "Polar Bears".

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Laying of the wreaths.

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Three Volley Salute by the firing party from the 1-334 Training Support Batallion, U.S. Army Reserve, Fraser, MI.

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Jenifer Kincer sings "America the Beautiful".

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Retiring the Colors.

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Jenifer Kincer performs "God Bless the USA" to close the program.

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Alton "Oz" Grobbel (L) and Lyle Steinhaus (R).
"Oz" is the son of Clement Grobbel (Co. I. 339th Inf. Reg.) and Lyle is the grandson of William Steinhaus (Co. A, 339th Inf. Reg.)
For twenty years beginning in 1936, William was the City Clerk and Treasurer of Center Line, Michigan and Clement was Center Line's Water Dept. Superintendent.
The Poppy Wreath on the Monument was sent by the members of the
49th West Riding Infantry Division's Polar Bear Association (United Kingdom).

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Kathleen, Rosalyn and Daniel Anderson traveled from Florida to attend the service. They are (left to right) the granddaughter, daughter-in-law and grandson of Godfrey Anderson (337th Field Hospital Company, American North Russia Expeditionary Force).

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Mike Grobbel, his uncle "Oz" Grobbel and Lyle Steinhaus.

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The descendants and family members of Aldred Buckler (Supply Company, 339th Inf. Reg.)
Marjorie (Buckler) Campbell (front, second from left) is the daughter of "Polar Bear" Aldred Buckler..

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The descendants and family members of Clement Grobbel (Company I, 339th Inf. Reg.). Four of his sons are in this photo, Vincent (front row with walker), Mark (immediately behind Vincent), Alton (aka "Oz", just to the left of Mark) and Sylvester (back row, far left, partially visible wearing sunglasses)

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"Oz" Grobbel with his daughter Kathy Canapini in front of the "Four Freedoms Memorial" at White Chapel Cemetary.
The offficers of the Polar Bear Memorial Association had just placed the heart-shaped wreath at the Memorial, which towers over the final resting place of 322 World War II veterans. Beginning in 1949, the Memorial Day service for the Polar Bears included the dispatching of a special detail to march over to the Four Freedoms Memorial and place a wreath in honor of those who had given their lives in the Second World War.

[all photos were taken by Lyle Steinhaus, except for the two in which he appears plus the very bottom one]


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