"Vaga Dvina Junction" Map
(in English - circa 1918)






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This map contains an eighty-mile long stretch of the Northern Dvina River (Severnaya Dvina), beginning at Ust Vaenga (shown on map segment 1A at the very top) and continuing upstream (southeast) past the junction with the Vaga River (1A) to just east of the village of Burtsevskaya (2C, on the northeast bank of the river). Segment 1B contains Toulgas (Tulgas) and Seltso (Verknee Seltso) on the southwest bank of the Dvina River and Kurgomen and Topsa on the opposite side of the river from Toulgas.

The Vaga River is shown primarily on segments 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A. Following the Vaga River upstream (south) from its confluence with the Dvina, you will find notable villages such as Ust Vaga (1A), Shenkursk (2A), Spasskoe (2A),

Ust Padenga (Ust Padenskoe) is shown at the top of Segment 3A. Company A of the U.S. Army's 339th Infantry Regiment reached Puiya (Ust Puiski) on 08 October 1918, but later withdrew to Rodvinskaya (both shown on 3A). These villages mark the southerly-most advance of the Allied forces during the entire campaign in North Russia.

Segment 4B contains the map scale and 4C contains the map key. The map scale on segment 4B can also be used for all of the other segments except for 4A and 4C (4A includes a portion of the scale which can be used for that segment only). The map scale as shown on the bottom of the reconstructed mosaic map can be used for that entire map.

This map was used by Captain Nikolai Ivanovich Belousovich, who was the deputy commander of the Slavo British Allied Legion (SBAL) Air Corps in the Archangel region. The SBAL were "white" Russians who were trained and outfitted by the British in North Russia. Some of them had previously served in the Russian Army prior to the Communist revolution and had valuable experience fighting the Germans on the Eastern Front, while the rest had been recruited locally and trained in Archangel. In August 1919, Captain Belousovich made his way to the Kolchak White Army forces in the southeast. By March 1920 he was working as an instructor at the Military Aviation School of the Far East. He later emigrated to the United States via China. He settled in San Francisco, supporting his family by driving a taxicab until his death in 1956. During World War Two, his son PFC Igor N. Belousovich, served in Company E of the 273rd Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army's 69 Infantry Division. On 25 April 1945, PFC Belousovich was a member of a patrol which made contact with the Soviet troops at the Elbe River near Clanzschwitz, Germany, marking the first link-up of forces from the eastern and western fronts. Later, Igor would inherit the map from his father and in April of 2005, he presented a copy of it to his Russian hosts while in Moscow for a ceremony commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the meeting of Soviet and American forces at the Elbe River.

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