(Recopied and researched by Michael J. Martell, July 2002, Crestview, Florida e-mail: Wilfredww1@yahoo.com)

This is the Diary of my grandfather, Wilfred L. Martell, Born in 1895. I called him “Pipi” (French word for grandfather). He wrote this diary about his life from July 1918 to July 1919. During this period he served as a Private in the U.S. Army, Signal detachment, Hq. Company, 339th Infantry, American Expeditionary Force to Northern Russia. The Diary was started in Russia. The diary was recorded in a small Russian notebook that he must have bought in Russia. Printed text in the note book is in Russian The first entries were written about his journey to Russia from Camp Custer, Battle Creek Michigan. Starting on October 13 1918 he wrote something everyday until July 1919. These accounts give a look at daily life in the U.S. Army while in Russia.. PiPi wrote in long hand with pen and ink. In some places the writing is only about a 1/16 inch high.

The diary was started on page 17. When he got to the end he started in the front. I arranged this version in chronological order starting when he left Camp Custer. Page numbers are the actual sequence of pages in the diary. Entries written in ( ) parans are my own. I wrote the letters and words as best as I could. I did not correct any spelling errors. There was also some water damage to some pages. Were there was damage I used dots…. Or ---- dashes to show there where words but could not be read.

Pipi mentions about 50 fellow soldiers and a list of towns he visited or lived in. There is also a map of the town where he spent most of his time, SHENKURSK Russia. All word in this typed version are his own unless they appear in (Parens) or are “Page numbers”. He could of used more periods but you can guess where the periods should have been to end his thoughts. Pipi used “S H” for “Sweet Heart” and “Witch” for “Which” Enjoy.

Page 1

Wilfred L Martell
Signal Detachment
339 Inf. Headquarters Co
1919 January 5

Page 17

The Diary of a lonesome Soldier

Left custer (Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan) 14 July was treated well by Red cross and had a nice look at niagra (Niagara) falls arrived in camp mills 1 July lived in tents had inspections about every day got very tired hanging around got all our equipment left camp mills Sunday July 21 and had to wait around the docks a long time we got on bourd (board) and stayd (stayed) in the habor (harbor) all night left 22nd and had a nice trip over was sick 2 days and had to be in the hospital, sighted heights of Scottland on Aug 2nd and saw some very nice sights was convoed (convoyed) into Harbor stuied (stayed) in transport all night and arrived in liverpool at 5.45 in morning and spent another night and had a good time on board did not sleep much left the transport Aug 4 and boarded train at the middiany railroad station and left liverpool at 12.45 arrived in Brookwood 10.15 had about 2 mile walk to camp slept in tents wet ground under a tent and iss (in) morning feeling stiff and tired was called Pusbright camp Staid (stayed) these (there) till the 700 and was moved to another camp called stony castle and there had better place to sleep had drill almost every day left camp Stoney Castle on the 25th and got on the train and rode nearly all day and arrived in New Castle in the same day and went on board another transport called The …..malle and sailed out the river jyme into the north sea had a good time went seen me large fish went to church next Sunday and arrived in Russia on the 3 Sept and saw a lot of lumber mills on may (way) up the river

Page 18

Anchored in the river opposite Archangle in the forth and next morning we docked for a Parade and it rained all day did not Parade but went up river and docked and then we were all broken up into different battalions left transport on the 7th and got on barge and travled (traveled) up the Pwina river stoped (stopped) on 9th buried PVt. Egresser (Gresser) of company C died of Phnemonia (pneumonia) lost 2 more men of phnemonia (pneumonia) on way and got to Baresinickish on 12 and spent a couple of days there and left Bresenikish on 15 and arrived in Shidrova on same day and walked 5 miles to Naviloy and cooked my supper over a bon firs (fire) for the first time througlat next day walked back to Shedevoa and left Shedrova again on 16th out 3.15P.M. walked 10 miles to Jehanova and got there at 11.40 PM was serne (some) tired left Jehrnova 17th and walked 9 miles to Shochnga and not lrwe (have) and troible (trouble) or in counter (encounter) any erissing (enemy) left Shoshergv 19 (18) and arrived Toulgas 8.30 and stayed all night there and started next morning for another town leaving the river we reached Yoskarlowilski another town there we met the Bolshvicks army and was shelled by artilley and ---rs (Gun) boats then there men about 700 strong dug in and staid (Stayed) all the night in the rain and next morning the battle tinmed in the same day orders were sent out to leave the trenches and advance we lost 4 men in Battle but the Bolshivks lost a good manny (many) men also were strongly fortified by boat could not hold their positions they retreated up the river 15 miles we captured the town of seltzo and also many of their Bolshivic supply boats got lot of guns clothes bread tobbacco Left Sleltzo Thursday 26 and marched in mud up to our knees and arrived at a place where the Bolihvickis had

Page 19

Blown up a bridge and had to wait for the engineers to build a bridge over the River crossed the bridge at dusk and marched to Poughuga about 3 miles from the bridge arrived all wet and went to bed in a hay mow without any supper all wet and tired staid (stayed) there in Poughuga the next day and on the 28th we left there and went back to the barges when the troops were all loaded on a boat an brought back down the Pinega and came up the Volga River and Stoped at Shenkurak on the 3rd of Oct got off the Boat a 1.30 P.M. and have been doing signal work for a few day and then unloaded Provisions and ammunition that took us 2 day and then we unloaded Barge of lumber the men an all tired and we and just about all in unloaded a bunch of flour and oats for the Russians.

Oct 13

Had chicken for dinner and pan cake for breakfast rice for supper and jam wnt (went) out along the river with friend modridge (Magridge) took our rifles along Mogudge (Magridge) shot an owl spread of 4 ft came home and the acting segent (Sargent) Pvt Whats (White) cut my hair.

Oct 14

Hung around house all day went out at about 2.30 and traded 2 cans of corned beef and some hard tack for a box of potatoes.

Oct 15

Rained in morning went to market hauled load of wood in afternoon

Oct 16

the first snow storm started 8.15 stoped 9.30 A.M. piled lumber and first men of Y.M.C.A. enter town today promised tobbacco (tobacco) by Saturday

Oct 17.

Noticed water in tub by well had ice on choped and sawed wood in morning for use kitchen and in loaded rations for Russian Army came home at 4.00P.M. and was put on patrol duty at night witch lasted 12 hours contennual (continual) duty without relief came home all tired and had breakfast and went to bed.

Oct 18

lsepl ail (oil) day got up for dinner went back to esor (bed) and did not wake up till 4.30 P.M. got up worked for supper and after supper piacen (pealed) potatoes for making pan cakes in the morning fixed the batter and played cards and went to bed heard the first news of the Germans asking for peace and felt very much plecded (pleased) this (the) rest of the men all felt happy talked about the

Page 20

Good times they would have when they reached home if this report was true.

Oct 19

Having to take turns at cooking for the men it happened to be my turn and I gave them Pan Cakes for Breakfast with Corned Beef and Plum Jam minue (menu) for dinner was mashed Potatoes corned Beef and tea and supper was potatoes and corned beef tea and after supper I made the Batter for Pan Cakes for the morning and cleaned 4 chickens for our Sunday dinner & finished any work in the Kitchen at 8.00 P.M feeling a little bit tired.

Oct 20

Today hung (begun) my second day in the Kitchen I had the following menue watch (which) was for breakfast Pan Cakes, Jam, Coffee, Bacon a very good breakfast for dinner we had chicken mashed potatoes, butter tea Hard tack witch was searved at 200 PM so we had a light supper searved at 6.00 P.M. and rice hard tack, Plum Jam, at 5.00 PM the Corprol (Corporal) went over to the Battilion (Battalion) Head Quarters and got some Red Cross articles for the men each one of us got a tooth brush, Jack Knife Tooth paste, Bar Soap, Packet of Helander Cigaretts and there was a card in the box with a paper in it also wich had the address of tabbacco (tobacco) fund (friend). 25 W 49th St N.Y.C NY. U.S.A. I sent the card back expressing my thanks for the goods the boys up here have not had any cigaretts for a long time and some of the fellows in A. Co of the Enginers (Engineers) had some and so (to) up the fellows from here went over and bought 10 cigars for $2.50 and paid $10.00 for a %30 package of tabacco the men that smoke a lot pay any price for tobacco up here they have no tobacco

Oct 21

Got up a 4.30 AM I could get the other fellows there Breakfast in time to get to work by 7.00A.M. they were unloading a barge of ammunition gave them Pan Cakes, Jam, Bacon for Breakfast for dinner I cooked them some beans and we had drawn beans with our winter rations and made bean soup and also Pork and beans put a little piece of Bacon in the beans when they were boiling and one of the fellows said that not the way to do he said that you put the fresh bacon on top of the Pork and beans when you put them in the oven to bake I done it the opposite I boiled the meat in Uusonp (soup) and took this piece of meat out when the soup was done and put it on the beans before I baked them the beans turned out to be fine and I bet the fellow $2.o I was tight (right). Also had potatoes Bread for supper I cooked them some corned beef and fried potatoes and tea after supper went over to HnQ (HQ). And got a book to read intittled (entitled) the Little Shepherd of Kingdom come

Page 21

Passed the morning away reading and received an other (another) present from the Red cross, Bath towel, Bar soap, face Rag, Tooth Brush, Plutal cream, comb, pair sox, 2 hankerchifs, 1 envelops of games and also a small pad of wrighting (writing) paper a little pencil. Had about 2 incles (inches) of Snow fall.

Oct 22

Had to unload equipment today canadian (Canadian) battalion landed and unloaded today.


Done fatigue today again unloaded sory Rations for the Bolshisvks and also hauled logs for fortifications

Oct 24

Did use some of yesterday hauled logs for machine gun emplacements in morning and went on guard Mount at 1.30 PM for 24 Hours guard also was Issued winter garments witch was 1 fur lined overcoat, 1 pair gloves, 1 helmet, 1 leather vest, 1 pair sox, 1 scarf, 1 fur hat, 1 pair of large sox,

Oct 26

Got off of guard at 1.30 P.M. and came home and piled wood and at night went over to Y.M.C.A. for first time heavy snow all day also some rains with it.

Oct 27

Worked in the Kitchen and washed my clothes went on guard at 9 P.M. relieved at 10.00 P.M.

Oct 30 Worked in Kitchen again had beans for dinner sourned today bought pork of slippers on the market for 2 rubles.

Oct 31

-----around all day…..till 1.30 Cr------ went on guard men on ………..o…..dreu 15 boots terrs san …… judy to leave town a …….rcaot (scot) first call it 12.00 today … to may of campany as….7 …..Ltonuen E S. Oct (bet .. apa ….. around at 1.30 PM and not …an… tobacco rations from ….cant.


Took up old line of work signaling and stoped all fatigue and guard duty went out in afternoon on patrol work lift house in two saperate (separate) squads suppose to signal from different both squads got lost and came back and had a lot of over it heard of report that Co A. Kiled (killed) 100 Bolokiviks and captured some.

Nov 2

Had inspections of rifles and quarters in morning visited the large Chuyrch (Church) at the old Monistary (Monistary) in afternoon viated slamoke us throusgh. Guns thing happened to me a little bso there and around all the rest of day with took a bath before going to bed.

Page 22

Nov 3

went over and visited Russian church and then went around town came back and had dinner and nothing more of interest.

Nov 4.

Went out on patrole (patrol) duty again and found the old mill we wear (were) suppose to go to sent past (part) of message returning to town about 4.15 PM heard some good war news and had a dream of home at night woke up in morning to find my self in Russia

Nov 5

Went out on patrol work again and saw an awfull (awful) large jack rabbit and saw an old russian mill that grinds there grain. By the old stone system have received 2 more blanket for winter me.

Nov 6

worked in the Kitchen all day had bacon soup for dinner and also had the carpenter come over and build our Bunks men had to go on guard went and visited the Russians last (night) …. And men making thread out of flax.

Nov 7

Stayed at Home and worked on our new Bunks till 2.00 P.M. and then went over and Helped clean supply room issued . a suite of underware (underwear) and one pair of shoes.

Nov 8

worked at carpentry work made rifle rack and also coat rack and made some shelves for the Kitchen.

Nov 9

Had inspection in morning and after inspection drilled till 11.30 at PM. Went on fatrgue (fatigue) party

Nov 10

Just laid around all day nothing interesting evening jsassed (passed) way playing cards

Nov 11

went out on scouting party returned at 3.30 P.M. and had the bigest (biggest) surprise of my life received our first mail since went over seas stayed all night reading the letters received mail from July 16 to Sept 21 received 17 letters from S.H. rest from home and friends sure was pleased and also heard that

Page 23

The germans (Germans) had signed the armatice (armistice) terms the nos (nov or war) 13 nger in the lot of us that received mail there was 327 letters in all

Nov 12

Worked at unloading boat and after dinner helped to sort clothing of the uny (army or line) compgny (company) and also received some new clothing 1 pair heavy pants and 1 new shirt 1 pair arts(I)ces (articles)

Nov 13

Worked at hauling emergency rations to dugouts in morning in afternoon hauled amunitions (ammunition) to souue (town) and at 3.00 P.M. hauled fresh meat and also the day of the battle of Yuachlouviski were out numbered 10 to one but were victorious lost 1 man killed 1 wonded enemy loses were 200 Killed several wounded.

Nov 14

Layed around all day and rote letters to home and SH. Sent mail to Mr Evoe Mrs H. Martell. Mable Brancheau, Mr. Hodson, Miss Iverson (Ivanson), Mrs G. Liville, Mr E. Buger. And also some other friends and at night we heard of the Armsisted Term witch made all the men rejoice our forces had another combat with the bolshiviks in witch the cannadian Artilley men took part in our loses were 2 Cannadians and 1 American interpeter of Co. C. one of the Cannadians served 42 months in France and the other Canadian served 36 months in France had been in Russia only 2 months the Bolsheviks lost 1 man Killed 1 Bolshuviks officer who is to be shot. I also attended a russian funneral witch was quite Interesting to see.

Nov 15

Did a little signal work in morning in afternoon layed around and in evening wrote last letters for the winter a man from Head Quarters was sent over to notify us to wright one last letters as it was the last boat to go to Archangle this winter.

Nov 16

Received orders from Head Quarters that the Signal Detachment had to furnish 6 men to act as pall barrers for the American Killd at Ust-Padenga where also two Canadians were Killed I took part as one of the pall bearers along with 5 others men the bodies were carried on an picce (piece) of artillery arnanged (arranged) with a platt fusa (platform) over it the prosesion (procession) consisted of the Canadian Artillery men Company of U.S. Soldiers and also 300 Russian Coasacko (Cossacks) of witch the women that formed the Battalions of Death

Between page 23 and 24 I missed photographing two pages so will call these 23.1 and 23.2

Page 23.1

In Russia some time ago is the leader the bodies were buried in a large hole side by side the Canadians fired a voly (volly) of shots and the Americans also a great number of people watched the funneral (funeral) possesions (procession)

Nov 17

As Sunday happens to be our lazy day we pappened (happen) to have nothing new today ive had Machine gun school in the morning and in the afternoon did about 2 hours fatigue work hauling rations in evening had Pvt. Haskins over for company

Nov 18

Worked on signal work in morning till 10.00 AM received orders to go on guard at 1.30 PM

Nov 19

Came off guard at 1.30 PM and went over to New Y.M.C.A. and got my Ration card.

Nov 20

signal work in the morning received orders for guard duth (duty) at 10.00 am stood guard nothing exciting

Nov 21

Came off of juard (guard) at 1.00 P.M. and layed around all morning and wrote letters Home one to mother one to Mable, mail was delivered to Archangle by (Aeroplane).

Nov 22

Hauled wood all day had good snow storm lasted ----- had first taste of candy in Russia today bought my Ration of Candy from Y.M.C.A. 3….


had inspection in morning and after that helped to draw clothing for replacements at night went over to engineers and sang and played violins great number of men sick with Spanish Influenza

Nov 24

As it is Sunday and am K.P. at is snowing hard today took a bath and retired.

Nov 25

Cut wood in the morning went out walking with the ladies down stairs the river is frozen over so the people walk across.

Nov 26

Cut wood in the morning and in afternoon helped draw rations was issued 8 pair of Skates for the use of us 14 men fastened them to one pair of shoes and 2 men used the same pair

Nov 27

I have to go on guard today so am getting ready for inspections

Nov 28

came off guard at 1.30 PM

Page 23.2

and went skating till 300PM first time this year have good skating now and also caught one Bolshevick soldier while on guard.

Nov 29

Had Breakfast at 400 am some sleepy heads had our first Rum issue in Army yesterday had 1 eigth of a pint each some off the men were drunk were instructed by our officer how to sketch maps.


Received our tobacco rations from U.S. today! How I smoked mine! Had instrctions (instructions) on the buzzer from a Eustratian officer in afternoon did not do anything

Co C lost 9 men killed and 1 officer which happened to be a combat patole (patrol) of 70 U.S. Soldirs (soldiers) and were ambushed by 400 Bolohivicks at UST Padenga the country surrounding this town is all woods had also instructins (instructions) on map sketching.

December 1

Layed around all day and in evening went out for a walk all men were assigned to separate dutys (duties) I was Picked for a linemen with another friend and Corpral Roosen.

Dec 2

Went to work at 900AM and finished work at 1030 AM the funeral was held today for Lt. Cuff of C Co officers acted as pall beariers (bearers) weather is mild today.

Dec 3

went to work I morning an I helped to take down some wire received orders to go on guard at 1.30 P.M.

Dec 4

came off guard at 1.30P.M. and helped draw rations.

Dec 5

Sawed wood in the morning and in afternoon sent 2 telegrams Issued one to S.H. and one to Mother costing me 35 rubles and 80 Kohpecks.

Dec 6

As one of the men are going to the hospital have to take up new time (line) of work cooking again.

Dec 7

Did not go in Kitchen till after noon and made supper got our monthly issue of tobbacco from C. C and also drew ratione played a good joke on the fellows with a small clock to the fellow from upstirs.

Dec 8 nothin of importance unto the nreunf of

Page 24

Meals artele (witch) weise (were) peas and Beef for dinner and Beef and pea for supper went out walking in conrny (country) with pocple (people) down stairs.

Dec 9

I was out walking in the morning and at noon heard that I was to be sent to school a Brissmoki (Bereznik)

Dec 10

Did not do much was over to telgraph (telegraph) office for instructions on switch board went to YMCA in evening.

Dec 11

Did not do much in day went to work at 2.30 P.M. also visited Hospital beign (being) the date one of the fellow went to Hospital for operation (fo) to rupture

Dec 12

Went out walking in evening also visited friend at Hospital Dec 13 Friday went to Hospital to see friend operations was success went to work at 8.30 P.M. Finished at 830 A.M.

Dec 14

Stayed at home all day and in evening went to Hospital and saw M. Hiott and also visited YMCA

Dec 15

Got up a 9.00 A M for Breckfast (Breakfast) and stayed around house all day and reported for work at 8.30 worked all night with nice little Russian girl.

Dec 16

Slept in Morning and in Evening went to YMCA and heard one of the men that was on the Sh’a-Kelton (Shackleton) Expedition (ill-fated Shackleton Expediton to cross Antarctica in a ship (1914)) lecture on his experences.

Dec 17

Slept in Afternoon and in evening visited the YMCA and heard an America Y.M.C.A. lecture on the good news of home he left the states on the 20 of October and has just come up here sure enjoyed to hear him and also receive our first is sue (issue) of the sentinel from archangle with the latest news of home.

Dec 18

Did not do much helped draw ration in morning and in evening went to YMCA. And at 9 P.M. took a Bath and retired

Dec 19 Have a new job now I work over at Battalian (Battalion) H.Q. at nights with Cone we go to work at 7P.M. and go home at

Page 25

830 in Morning.

Dec 20.

Went to work 7 PM and did not do much work

Dec 21.

Being the shortest day in the year I noticed that it did not get day light till 8.45 and got dusk at 3.00 P.M. drew one rations and received dates for the first time in rations.

Dec 22

Did not do much only slept in morning and in evening went to cossacks dance some dance to see come back to work at 10.00 P.M.

Dec 23

Slept as usual in afternoon I went down stairs and received a piece of fancy work from the lady to bring home as a rememberance (remembrance).

24 Dec

Received a pesent (present) from the Red Cross to day witch consisted of

(in small letters under this line is written (also some mail 15 letters))

a pair of sox there was some candy dates nuts cigarett (cigarettes) raisins we also received some canned peaches and apricots and 1 can of syrup and also received as present from Y.M.C.A. 1 cigar 1 cake Malinka size cup of coffee.

Dec 25

Merry Christmas and as lonesome as ever never spent sutch (such) a Holiday slept in a while went to Church that is and English sermon the lady down stairs cooked some small Buns. For us and also a cake Russian style worked in evening.

Dec 26

As the Holiday passed with out much excitement felt good worked in evening.

Dec 27

Same old stuff slept in Morning and in afternoon wrote 3 letters SH (I believe this to be Sweet Heart) went to Hospital and saw friend Heott in evening herd (had) something unusaly nessecing in the army to do

Dec 28

Went down stairs and had a good time teasing the women went to work at 7.00 P.M. Lt Steel passed the remark that he thought we would not be here all winter.

29 Dec 29

Wrote letters to aunt Jernnincs at night and in morning a slept as usual heard report of capture of 8000 Bolslncocks by Suk. Stevaks.

Dec 30

One of the first days of all my army carrear (career) came to me on the 30 of Dec 1918 received 2 boxes of sweets from home had some and was so excited and not know what I was doing part of the time.

Dec 31

Duoing (owing) to the great joy of the day before day passed quitly (quietly) visited Hospital bought 3 cans of salmon from Y.M.C.A had a good supper wrote lette (letter) in answer to one I received from Detroit Edison Co. Lt. Steel adjunt (adjutant) sighned it the old year here passed out with lots of cheers and excitement men fired rifles and artillery fired guns also men fired guns out side of Aremcay (American) Head Quarters which caused the Colonel to get vexed and he issued and order to the officer of the day to arrest any person he caught on the street shooting fire arms.

January 1st 1919

Wrote 3 letters 1 to S.H. 1 to Aunt J. 1 to Mr Silvestee 1 to Mother 1 to Uncle Jean received 7 letters witch sure made me feel happy 4 from S.H. 2 Mothers 1 aunt Jen.

Did not do much only slept in morning and evening visited YMC.A.

Jan 2

Slept in morning went to Hospital in the afternoon Corporal Rechen (Roosen) came from St Padenga to get some clothes for the other fellows stayed all night went back next day.

Jan 3

Same old stuff slept in morning visited Y.M.C.A in afternoon.

Jan 4th

Went home from work in morning and went to bed drew rations and cigarettes today went to work at 7.00P.M. nothing further exciting

Jan 5

Did not do much of anything today Pvt. M. Heott came back from Hospital and

On 6 th Jan visited club.

Jan 6

Nothing of any importance only the return of Hott slept about all day at night when I was at work at 11.15 PM. The Bugle sounded and most of the fellows…..

Did not know what the call………

Was though it was the call to …….

At first but turned out to be………

And there was sure some b………

And one that was a ag………

Sensation to the town.

Page 27

.. two had as though they ha……..

had a had a fire in a long…….

Time and all the people were very…

Much excited.

Jan 7

Same old…….stuff only at night there was a ru…….

That the Boshivicks intended ta…….

Shenkursk on their Christmas ………

Witch was the 8th so all the guard was doubled and men…

Were on sharp lookouts cossaks…..

Troops left town in this day abo……

250 strong and inconntered 1000 enemy witch killed about half the cosacks the rest retreeted to Shenkursk

Jan 8

As it is the Russians Christmas the church bells were ringing all night and all day the Russian people witch are very glad and apprecate (appreciate) the good work of the allies made a small present to the Canadians Americans English Troops 10 cigaretta (cigarettes) 1 pkg gum some bBread (bread) and coffee

Jan 9

Did not sleep all day went over to the enginers (engineers) in afternoon and got my hair cut receved some Barratn (barracks) Bags from Archangle yesterday and all our personal property was stolen out of there lost my guurn (could be gun) and gillette razor scrasn (shaving) outfit and saveaters (sweaters) and one pair of trousins (trousers) some of the fellow lost all there stuff vsited (visited) the club in the evening.

Jan 10

Slept in morning did not do much only visited the billard (billiard) Parlor for about 1 hour received our monthly ration of tobbacco from Company C.

Jan 11

As today is Saturday and not so much sleeping had a fairly ….rd market to day this evening …….l at Padega they open there …. Y.M.C.A. with a Msnctral (Musical)…… a good anany (many) fellow……ig part fosh (from) Shuckarsk (Shenkurst)

Page 28

………d at work wit 10.30

…. Layed down till 3.30 AM.

Jan 12

…… lay and a lonesome dug (day) the …… of the (ung. Marchall, was sitting ….. a few minutes ago planning what I would do on my return ….. so for sucy …wrote letter to my S H. Mable

Jan 13

….. russian New Years passed the morning in bed the popel (people) have specified on this day Telegram came in to remove all american (American) troops in hospital from different towns to Archangle soon as possible.

Jan 14

Today was a little bit milder weather than yesterday the tempture (temperature) was 16 below zero 12-1 being 28-24 below Zero slept in morning and in after noon visited club and beard some of the best piano playing that I have heard in a long time the fellow playin (playing) was a Zicks.slove soldier received another few articles from Red Cross 1 tooth brush 1 pipe 1 pair of large gloves 1 stick gum.

Jan 15

Did not do much today only visited club in after noon and heard the Zesk. Scovack play the piano sold some of my tobbacco survest (received) wood (word) maid (mail) came in today but was not lucky in enough to receive any letters

Jan 16

Same old thing in the morning I afternoon was about to visit Club but was told that some mail was at Headquarters for us so did not go to club received 1 letter from SH. 2 Furm (from) Mother 1 from Aunt (Doran) from frend was some pleased to receive news from home the latest letter was dated nov 18 telling of the armisstice.

Jan 17

The same….. stuff the weather warms just …… today that the Bolshisaviks wit…… last much longer.

Page 29

Jan 18

Drew Rations Ur………

And also had inspection…..quarters by Lt Warner (Wusner) slept …..

In after noon had visitor come and see us Mr garog (Gordon)….. of the English Telegraph Com… (come) heart (heard) that Pvt. Ruffy (Duffy) and Pvt Drapes were to gooes us(uo) soon.

Jan 19

Was a day to be remembere…(remember) the Bolsheiviks brought up 3 long range guns and Bombarded the town of Ust. Padenga and the other small towns near by the American cansalties (casulties) were 8 Killed 11 missing in action and 17 wounded but the town is still in the hands of Americans slept part of the day in afternoon visited club.

Jan 20

Today was one day that I felt very much relieved as I receaved a letter from SH. Say you received my letter dated Oct 13th the letter left you on Nov 29 I receive it today that letter being the 4th one I rote in russia two of our men has joined us again Pvt Duffy and Pvt Draper have not seen them since Sept 12 was glad to get them back the battln (battle) at Ust Padenga still is being carried on one causalty (casulty) today a supply man the shells are being dropped at the rate of 4 per minnuto 2 point 9.

Jan 21

Had a good sleep in morning heard that there was 6 more men missing at Ust Padenga went to the club in afternoon and received my ration

Jan 22

Slept in Morning nothing exciting only Ust. Padenga still hrndes (heard) shell fire – Bolahivsks. Utimatad (estimated) about 4000 strong long range artillary cans disss (canadians) at Ust. Padenga.. 45 Killed wonded and misston (missing.)

Jan 23

Same …ld stuff in morning in after noon watched 3 fnslarn go from clearing

…..frndrd for aerplanes and today was the day that Co A was forced to retreat from Ust Padenga claimed to have killed 500 in day battle this

Page 30

……(this) also was the first y…..(time)

…lillrsy (artillary) fired in shenkurak…


(Jan 24)

Selpt in morning and ….. pooning after noon saw ….(the) start of the Battle of Shenkursk they shelled the town in after noon and ..tet set one house on fire.

Jan 25

Went to work in the evening and in the night received orders to evacuate Shenkursk. Left every thing behind us and retreated started to march at 2.30 A.M. marched all day till 4.00 P.M. and made 36 verses was very Cusse and at night had to stand guard was very much disscouraged (discouraged).

Jan 26.

Awoke this morning and went over to a russian house and had tea was very sore as I had not made any long walks did not rest very good as there was an old lady that always wanted to sleep with us she was afraid of the bolshecvikis Started to march from Shegorasa (Shegovari) at 5.30 to march to Kistisa 25 versts away was very tired on this march and had to ride a little way arrived at 2.30 A.M. and went over to the Y M C A. and had a cup of coffee and ats (ate) some

Page 31

Cakes later went over to another russian and a…..(went)

To bed slept till 9.30.

Jan 27

Awove (awoke) in the morning and did not know where to go to eat so went over to Co D barracks and fried some bacon and steak as they were going to leave every thing they told me to take any. Thing I wes (was) pulling my steak out of the stove I spilled them in the fire so I just pulled them out of the ashes and ate them any way also received a jacis (pair) of sox and a helmet from a fellow from D Co and also went out and got a pair of old felt Boots from a Russian and even arrvved lotes (lates) in the day to another building

Jan 28

One of our men had the pleasure of celebrating this Birthday to day a fine place to be celebrating walked around all day and had tea in 2 or 3 different houses with Bug. Culver Co. A. one of our fellows went back to a town 7 versts with an offices to work on a telephone was fired on by machine gun fire by Bloshsevicks.

Page 32

Officer was shot through the hand 3 aeroplanes passed here ….shenkursk to Bomb the …sing (ememy)

Jan 29

Culver and my self went around the old YMCA and looked around for eating utnsils (utensils) fond a cup and returned home helped put a telephone in Englin H.Q. over to a mission house and had tea

Jan 30

Heard the aeroplane report said that they broke up two Bolshsaviks corooys (convoys) and also discovered the place of two large guns had to go on guard last night at Batlatan (battalion) H.Q. saw this rylection (reflection) of the large guns in the sky enemy attacted (attacked) our positions but was repulsed.

Jan 31

Two C. Co men shot there self in the hand in order to get out of this battle 2 Pattons of Co A came in for rest was relieved by Royal Scottish aeroplanes Bomed (bombed) enemy possitions (positions) had to go on guard at 8.30 H.Q. visited the Y.M.C.A.

Feb 1

Came off guard at 630 A.M. went to YMCA and … at 3.30 5 assoy houss went to gorsole the enemy and

Page 33

At 400 PM this Bolos made an attacact (attack) on our posstion could hear machine gun fire and artillery hernd report that the mail had burned at Yemetskoe dated 8-16 December.

Feb 2

Received letter from mother dated Dec 2 told about Melton coming home and had Mable over enemy was quiet today went on guard aeroplane bombed the enemy positions Royal Scottes launctea (launched) an attact (attack) but were repulsed no causalties.

Feb 3

Was issued more new clothes also get more … stuff from red cross 1 pair sox and found a girls address in pair of gloves I got enemy shelled the town that is 7 versts from here 1 causalty Co. C men wonded all the people in this town was ordered to go out of town by tomorrow night.

Feb 4

Received news from the front that 7 prcaeners (prisoners) were taken pissoners (prisoners) were telling all about situation of enemy guns also stated that 800 men made the attact (attack) today and were told to take the town today cansalty (casualty) list for today was 9 wonded (wounded) 4 Killed Americans also 4 Royal Scotts wonded (wounded) went on guard again tonight today was also the most sad day I ever witnessed as the people

Page 34

were all crying as they had to leave there home in after noon Culver and Myself went over to a russias (Russian) house an took a bath in the Kitchen.

Feb 6

In morning supply man and my self went out and got 2 cows and brought them home and killed them for our selves there is 25 men to eat and also killed 2 sheep then went and got an other cow for milking poorpose (purposes) we have 5 cows all togeather (together) the rest of the day it snowed gave 1 hind quarter to Col. Corbly.

Feb 6

Received worv (word) that had to go on guard every night till further notice every thing quiet on the front today Culver left for the front today with Co.A. to town on opposite side of river still snowing today


The sky was nice and clear today and 4 aeroplane flew over enemy territory and found that they had withdrew to Shegorsra (Shagurari) again where they have made there base had some nice Steak and fried potatoes for supper went out in after noon with cone and got a basket of potatoes.

Feb 8

Layed around all day and went on guard at night culver came over from accross the river enemy have evaccuated (evacuated) there Big gun possitions (positions) heard that the relief was comeing (coming) for the american and Royal Scotts

Page 35

Feb 9

Today being Sunday I attended catholic services for the first time science Aug 29 tried to go to comunion (communion) but could not as I had eaten my breakfast but went to confession Father Oconnor of the English was the priest,

Feb 10

Seen a couple of men that came from Archangel just 12 day ago he said that the relief corssisted (consisted) of 2 English Bugada (brigades) witch is about 25,000 men today marked the day of inprt our (importance) one of the fellows was writing a letter and a cootie came across his letter and he Killed it and sent it on wrote 1 letter to S.H. 1 to


Feb 11

Wrote 1 letter to S H. 1 to home making the 2nd one this week. Lt. Steel leaves tomorrow for Co. F. wrote to Isa Cousino to day went on guard again Friend killed a bed Bug in his rifle

Feb 12

Had another cow given to me helped Haul load of hay Killed our chicken went on guard Pvt Dream joined us yesterday and Pvt. Duffy left us.

Feb 13

Pattoon of King Liverpools came in co relief had a little bet of excitement went over to british (British) H.Q. and helped Pvt.

Page 36

Dream put in a bell for calling the orderlies and runners had a little bit to do with haneling (handling) the spirits went on guard.

Feb 14

Visited a few of the supply houses in there rear of H.Q. and helped with supplies got a fur hat and some hrnen for towels went on guard Bolshieviks issued a poster telling of there plan of fue cove (love)

Feb 15

Killed another cow today. Went on guard at 6 P.M. relief at 7.33 Pvt McCloud came from the front today for supplies at Y.M.C.A. milking cows give about 9 qts milk at night bought Archangel cards today at y.m.c A.

Feb 16

Helped to haul 6 loads of hay weather guet (got) cold today 30 below zero more kings liverpool men came in today went on guard

Feb 17

Got up at 800 Am. Fixed my felt boot wrote a lot of cards one to every one I could think of visited the Y.M.C.A did not do much more only guard duty.

Feb 18

A little bit of excitement at 500 AM. The billits (billets) next to ours burned. Got some news papers that told about the news of our people trying to get us home Watched the artillery get there range.

Page 37

Feb 19

Today was the coldist (coldest) day in the past winter being 45 below zero have the little lambs in from the barn fellows had quiet a time helped supply men haul 6 loads of hay hunted around for news papers went around to medicks (medics) enginers (engineers) failed to get any (news papers) visited Y. went on guard at night

Feb 20

Visited the Y. talked to one of the Kings Liverpools he told how one of the corprals (corporals) pulled a pair of boots off of an old dead lady in the bath house in afternoon . had orders to move to Vat. Vaga 22 Versts from Kretsa started at 1.30 and also took the cow along met an old lady on the way that said she owned one of the cows she followed us to Ust. Vaga. Supply men gave her the cow this day following had milk for supper arrived at 730 in Vat. Vaga heard mail was dsse (due) the day following had to do guard duty at night from 12 to 1 PM

Page 38

Feb 21

Layed around the and got a couple loads of hay in afternoon the supply men moved out to different quarters in evening had another great pleasue (pleasure) of reading 2 letters from Mother and one letter from S H. also received a photo from Marsh. also heard some good news from one of the fellows that received some clippings out of the Free Press telling of the hard times we were having in this God for Saken country of Russia about 230 P.M. went to get my cows to change her to a different barns and found that some one had stolen her have not fond her yet went on guard at night.

Feb 22

Today moved over the telegraph office and are messing with the H.Q. men now had dinner over to supply Co. men also tried on a pair of skies on for first time. Had quiet a time skiing down the river bank we not do any more work during day.

Feb 23

Helped to clean hallway in morning in afternoon

Page 39

Went down to the Y. in the morning Pvt. Cone made a bill board and put all the clippings he received on it and put it up in the YMCA work same as day before nothing in general

Feb 24

Was assigned to new work in morning had to act as telephone operator work started at 10. P.M. Lasted to 3 A.M. in after noon went out with Pvt Duffy looking for a place to get our washing done visited No12 Block House saw 2 Burshcanviks went skrieing (skiing) later on in after noon ashoas (across) the river.

Feb 25

Did not do much during the day went in the exchange at 900 P.M. in after noon went with Pvt. Cone to see a violin went skiing across the river helped to clean out the mess hall

Feb 26

Same old stuff went skiing the following day and worked in the kitchen.

Feb 27

Heard that the Sentinel had the official time when we were to leave Russia men were all glad to hear the news took a bath the first one in 3 weeks and got some new under clothes.

Feb 28

Went across the river in after noon with Pvt. Duffy and had a little bit of fun skiing down a large hill on river

Page 40

Bank also visited hospital to see about a dance in evening went to work a 9 PM on exchange.

March 1

Walked around the town in morning bols started another lassr (attack) on our front a (at) Kitsa with 3 regiments including there best regiment called the Jusr (Iron) regiment information given by Prisoners taken by us in afternoon our casualties were light enemy caualties (casualties) unknown prssonia (prisoners) clams quiet a few wonded and killed. The town of Yeskia was vacated by us being compleatty (completely) surrownded (surrounded) fucldn go (buildings) all destroyed by artillery fire aeroplans bomed enemy guns our gun loses were 1. 5.7 hostser 1-18 ponder 2 machine guns.

March 2

Helped to install 3 phones went up in church town with Pvt. Duffy and Sig. Sgt. Situation report was morsinal (normal) enery attacted (attacked) and tried and esscerciling (encircling) movement but was repulsed 24 of our troops wonded (wonded) reinforcement on their way up here Co. M. saw in the paper to day where President Wilson has ageeded (agreed) to with draw the troops in russia by June 1 or as soon as possible went and saw a good Minstrel show last night given by Co A. 339th Inf.

Page 41 Map

Page 42

Jannet Malcomb
26 Barmoral Rd.
1 Card

a - ah
b – bu
c - Ve
D – gu
E – Dd
F – yea

Page 43

Money paid out By Me....... Rubles...... Khopeks

Magudge............................... 8 ...............10

Fuase .................................840. .............28

Noe Paid 1/12/19 50

(The following is crossed out pencial writing)

Bolhng 10 12 o
Roosen 100 Rubles
Duffy 25 “ “

(a list of Cigarettes chart in red ink)

Freese. 2 2
Mogardge 2 2

Page 44

English ---- Russian

There ---- Jam

From ---- Oit

Last ---- Po-sla t-ne

Mine ---- Mo-yo

Ring ---- Kol-so

This ---- ya-tot

Other ---- Dru-goi

Who ---- Ko-tow

Needle ---- E-gol-ka

Like ---- lue but

Our ---- Cha-ne-la

Country ---- Strna

Young ---- Ma-yo-doi

If. ---- Yes-le

Town ---- Go-rut

Workingman ---- Ra-boat-nick

Scissors ---- Nos-nit-sa

Day ---- Din

Month ---- Ma-sa-its

Sunday ---- Was-eri-sin-ga

Every ---- Kas-de

Strong ---- Crul-n..

To read ---- Chie-tat

Slip ---- Co-soib-ehk

Yourself. ---- Via-si-me

To sew ---- Sheet

To Study ---- En-mu chiet

Page 45

Come Here ---- po-dietie-so-da

Come in ---- Voi-dietia

Be Happy ---- Poi-ta-tach-cena

It is bad Weather ---- Ho.dio.pvt-godia

Every day ---- Cos. De. Dim

On Sunday ---- Vas. Liss-sin ga

Wrap it up ---- Za-va. Rena-tice. Yato

What is your name ---- Coch. Vosh-e-emia

That o for you ---- It-to-varn

New coat ---- noewika. Monger

Who ---- Kto

Now time Busy ---- Che. Cho. Linine a san. Netta

Page 46

(this is a list of last names and what they owe numbers are crossed out so just list the names)

Owes Me
Freese 22

Page 47

(this page has two columns. Column 1 is a list of english / russian pharases and Column looks like some sort of code)

(Column 1)

Hello! – Ksdrus-wityon

Good Morning – dubra utra

Good by. –Rust ha dania

To Morning- Joft na ntra

To Marrow -Soft ha

To Night – Va Jchria

Eggs - Yart ka

Potatoes – Kar tosk a

Mild – Milr ko

Soup – Mirr la

Bread --- Klebo


Sleep ---- Spanch

Cabbage--- Co flustio

Snow --- Sneg

Freezing---- Mi roz

Table --- Storn

Cow--- co so ooa

I don’t understand ---- Vuprrmesmia

Not easy --- Vutua

Good Night Dobra Vatchro

Yes Yes--- Da – Da

Wood --- Regowa

(second column)

1 Bust Vain
2 Wwa
3 Dree
4 gstra
5 pratt
6 Shists
7 Schem
8 yonship
9 giavatch
10 grsit
11 Idinsila
12 lawinotsa
13 freemotsa
14 giteramotresta
11 grisnotcrt
10 Gonsanotcra
11 sirmmssnotaia
18 Ves ensimnotsit
19 Gravvshiss
23 Kovisist

Page 48

A Budi ---- Nievesta Vemestra
To Walk together ---- Gouliat Vestra
To go for a Walk ---- ES Gouliat Vemestra
Good ---- ra eho
My ---- Moie
Church ---- Th-Coit
Jeeth ---- Ju Brse
To day ---- Ce word noi
Dark. ---- Ch onse ne
Night ---- No itch
I can not ---- Ya na nso gue
Boots, ---- Pa da hoit
A Friend ---- Dr uKe
Have you any ---- Ch ls too
Pass on ---- Pra po ska
Sit down ---- Sit die
Waist 81
Sleeve 76
Spine 52
Length 128
Ebgokuck Frurofbebuia Rypracco
Mappeen K meadeus

Page 49

(this page has marks all over it a few lines followed by some numbers)

Noi 20
Eb 20
Rich 20
Frusi 20
Mog – 20

Rich 20 323…..65
Pat 10…….
Ebuly 3-5…..
Freese 3 –11…..
Mike 1-9
Rich 2
Ebuly 9-17
Mike 0246 Owes me
Fuise 11-14-17
Rich 3-4-9-15…….
Eburly +2-22
Noi 1-9……
Mog 7-10-12-32

Aui iauk 10. 10 uaukr E nu

Page 50

List of Men that were quartered in same House with me.

Acting Sargent Noble A. White 58 Brady st Detroit

Corprol L. Richens 280 Charlotte Detroit

Corpral. G. Roosen 787 Elemwood Detroit

Pvt. Paul S. Ebuly 336 6th St. Detroit

Pvt. Charles K. Freese Plymoth Ind.

Pvt. Thomas McLeod. 1035 W Lafayett Detroit

Pvt. Andrew J Noe. 1684 Concord Detroit

Pvt. Henery A. Dream 25 National Detroit

Pvt. Clements Raducha 315 Palmer Detroit

Pvt. Michael E. Hiott 296 McClellan Detroit

Pvt. Clarena G. Magridge 191 Harchmount Detroit

Pvt. Harold S. Christian 889 Tarrypark Detroit

Pvt. Miles S. Cone 315 W. Grand Boulvard Detroit

Givn 26 aunt Clara 335 Kroquions
Aunt Jaisan 539 Parkor
Aunt Lucy 552 Parkor
Aunt Rose 453 Maxwell
Mrs Froclick 348 Parker
Unite Jeans 681 E Easfield
Aunt miss 297 Parker
Aunt Jenise 103 Ruraud

40 Milton Abbas
Blundford Dorset England
Sgt. Vatcher. Charles

68 Main St.
Glasgow Scottland
Pvt. Robert Gordon

F.F. Duffy
493 Van Deyki Detroit

Page 51

Ten General Orders

1. To take charge of this post and all government propery in view

2. To walk my post in a military maner keeping always on the alert and observing every thing that takes place with in sight or hearing

June Iverson
227 Humbolt Ave
Detroit Mich 27 June

John Bonraving
USS America
Electrical Dept
New York City N.Y.

% Post Master

W. Mm Shanaisey
185 B eaujesu
Detroit Mich

Page 52

Code Page

Page 53

(layout for a sample army message (hand written))

U. S. Army Message

Time filled, No, Sent by W.L.M. (Wilfred L. Martell), Time, R.C. By PAX. K, Time Cheked, Check 11

From: Signal Platoon

AT: Hill. 606

Date: Oct, 1. 1918

To: C.O. 339 INE

In need of ammunition

Sig. Brow Lt.

Page 54

Ground. Code to Aeroplane

Note 1

Allways place signals so that as the aeroplane flies from over troops to enemy troops he sees the signals exactley as below.

Note 2

Be very carefull that angles bettween strips are aboluetly correct

Note 3

Place signals in front of aera occupied by guns so that will not be confused with artillery signals.



Page 57

March 3

Helped to run a line for obsorsation (observation) post in church tower went with Pvt Cone to see one of his old Barachua tfrom Shenkursk. Started to work days this week.

March 4

Helped to run lines to Block houses also went over to Osoberski to look at telephone in Engineers Billits (Billets) enemy attacked our positions and were heavely repulsed we let them get with in 50 yards of our position and opened with machine gun fire killing a great number of Bolos our casulties (casualties) were light aeroplane bomed (bombed) enemy.

March 5

Received a letter from Elmer. Today Co F came earne in with 2 plattons saw one of the old pals. From home went on duty at 600 P.M.

March 6th

F.Co came in about 2 PM with auot ohrn (another) plattons (platoon) saw Ira Cusino and Eli Neadeau Bol Aeroplane flew over our lines droped (dropped) 2 bombs no damage done

March 7

Enemy made further attacts on our positions at Vistaskia were repulsed with great loses our loses (losses) light went on duty in evening.

Page 58

Sgt Vatcher returned from Berznikia brought me 2 Batteries for my flash light also 1 Bottle of Gordons Dry Gin had a good drink

(stopped here for break in editing.)

March 8

Enemy brought up more guns and shelled our positions all day allied planes lay in wait for Bolo plane no sight since first day of it had inspection today Pvt. Mog left for Kitsa

March 9

Intelegence Dept. reported Bolos had 14 guns fireing on us we had to with draw from Vistaska helped Sgt. Vatcher to clear the trouble on the Bereznikia line went out on Skies returned at 100 P.M. and worked on Switch Board have 14 lines now in operation are having good meals had Steak Potatoes with Brown gravey coffee and Fried cakes Pvt. Duffy and Cpl. Roosen went to the Artillery school and bouth got drunk Pvt Eberly got the Ink pad and painted Pvt. Duffys face when he was sleeping had a lot of fun.

March 10

Changed shifts went on night duty orders with issued to Bring the stores back from Kitsa the men have orders to all stand too an arm attact (attack) is expected to night.

Page 59

Went out skiing today with Jack. Also went and tested the line out no 8 block house saw a lot of refuges leaving town.

March 11

Helped to test out lines men in town here had orders to stand too at 500 a.m. expecting an attact (attack) 93 loads of rations came back from Kitsa today our aeroplanes went up and looked at the enemy gun positions found these location expect to bomb them to morrow 2 Plattons of Co B. Engineers passed through town on way up to front

March 12

Wrote 2 letters home one to S H. other to Mother also some post cards. Helped to run a new line to Vagn Column watched the Barshnoo haul sand to put on the dug outs Sgt Vatchu installed new switch making it a 24 line switch board.

March 13

Was given some cigaretts (cigarettes) and 1/4 pound of candy by there Red Cross Pvt McCloud passed through here on way to Hospital shell shock in the evening went in the Kitchen and saw a cock fight the cook bought 13 chickens for Sunday dinner and they happened to be 4 good roosters so the men let them fight 2 at a time and bet on them sure was some fight.

March 14

Helped to clean 17 chickens for the mess found an egg in one of the hens and fried it and had a good lunch had chicken for supper helped Mr. Lewis in the Y.M.C.A in the evening had my hair cut

Page 60

Went out skining (skiing)

March 15

Went out skining (sking) in the after noon with Sgt Vatchu, Pvt Ebesby and Jack. Had a good chicken supper helped lewis in the Y.M.C.A. sold a lot of Biscuits and cigaretts (cigarettes) company D came back from Kitsa A Co. left yesterday for a town about 6 versts the other side of Berznik received the sentinal (Sentinel) paper

March 16

Went out skining (Skiing) in after noon helped to install phone in A.S.C. Bolos attacted (attacked) a town north of here yesterday about 40 versts of here they were repulsed with great loss enemy cansalties (casualties) were 57 killed 5 prisoners our loses were 1 wonded (wounded) went on duty in evening .

March 17

Nothing of importance only went skining (skiing) in after noon and went on duty in morning.

March 18

YMCA moved today went out skiing and also went with Sgt. Vatcher to put phone back in the ASC. Stores went on duty at 12 A.M.

March 19

Had orders from Lt Mrney to go to from our telephone duty Col. Corbly wordd (would) not let us go Pvt Cone, Cpt white and my self had just(quite) a time over it the weather is cold today about 24 below.

Page 61

Sgt Vatchu got mail today from home helped to change telephones in no 5 Block house

March 20

Went and got our washing and also moved upstairs to the attic in a small room that the A.S.C. men had moved out weather report was 20 below.

March 21

Visited the YM.C.A and also went to see Pvt Coves (Cones) girl but she was not at home received news that the river was giving away under neath and the ice had broken in difference places also Hooked a pair of new (p.) also had pleasure in receiving 2 letters one from Mother and I from Aunt Jen. And a Booklet from the D. Edison

March 22

Worked in the exchange in the morning delivered 2 telegrams received from D.R.L. S. also got Sgt Vatchu cloths went out skining Sgt. Vatchu had a little row over our numbers and names with Pat. White

March 23

Went on the exchange at 1200 AM. Had rabbit for dinner it was some cold storage rabbit from Australia a part of the army rations here was very good wrote a letter to S.H. and also to Mother today was the day that Pvt. Duffy received a medal from the boys at the front for willing to saty (stay) away from the front thes (the) medal was made of a piece of

Page 62

Meat and vegtable (vegetable) tin and had a safty (safety) pin to hold it on made Pvt. Duffy quiet mad went out in the evening and heard a russian play the accordian went skiing in after noon.

March 24

Went out schulking to day made 60 roubles (rubles) went skining (skiing) and in after noon went and got my watch at the jewlers (jewelers) shop saw a large Jack rabbit visited the Y. wrote a letter to Ed. Berger.

March 25

Had some beer to drink from Sgt. Vatcher the first beer in 6 months went with Pvt. Cone to school houses had quiet a time Cone was given some pan cakes and could not eat them he put them in his hat.

March 26

Snow storm this morning and very cold went out and watched the Barcahes fill sacks with sand for the Block house roof went skiing with four other H.Q. fellows on opposite side of river on large steep hill log froze on side of hill making it quiet difficult to go down had good many falls also done a little more schulking today net 60 roubles (rubles).

Page 63

27 March

Enemy made attact (attack) on front at Kitsa and was repulsed with heavy loses to them our loses was 1 Killed Co. F Corpral (Corporal) Conrad and seven other Co F men wounded Corpral (Corporal) Conrad was Killed outright by a 3 in shell a direct hit was blowing off his legs and arms Enemy also attacted (attacked) at Pirrega and was also repulsed with heavy losses to enemy went skiing in after noon Co F came back today and was relieved by Kings Liverpools enemy shelled our positions at the front at Kilsa (Kitsa) all night our men stay in woods in the deep snow with no shelter for 48 hours at the time went on duty in morning cook baked a cake was very good.

March 28

Unloaded 2 pom pom shells for Cpt Harris and Pvt Frismes also one grenade aeroplane just now flew over the house to the front. Went on duty in evening.

March 29

Today heard a man make a speech on Labor, Money, marriage and Happenes the speaker name was Chaplin Forn. Watt of the dear old usa. He also

Page 64

Announced that there would be a sermon preacher on Sunday at 10.00 a.M.

March 30

Went and saw a show at the medical billits (billets) Mr. Watt also spoke a little one fellow had what he called a Hard Jack candinena made of hard tack can and 2 M.V. cans and piece of wire sounded very nice also heard some good parities.

March 31

Went out with Pvt Lynders and repaired telephone lines the Bolos had cut it at 10.00 a.m. we arrived at the spot about hour later saw several Ski Tracks large number of machine gun men arrived in town last night also received a letter that made my feel very good for it was from S. H. and a couple of photos in it witch sure did look good to me so I will not be so much suprized (surprised) sure did notice the difference in your looks Block house No 1 burned up and our phones 1.000 nearly destroyed went out skiing

Page 65

Yesterday also had good time visited in geneso at zacborisza worked in afternoon made our change today our shift being days for a week Sgt. Vatchu came back from Besiyrich from the big show that the R.E. gave

April 1

Bring april fools day the cook got most of the fellows out of bed at 5.00 told them the house was on fire visited the Y. and also the hospital Co F moved out today for Kitsa saw Pvt LaFountain and had quiet a talk with him went to the Hospital and read some late papers from Detroit telling of the terms of the petition went on the exchange at 6 P.M. worked till 9.00 PM. Retired

April 2

The sun came out nice and bright Pvt. Duffy and Eberly was notified that they were to go to Kosolova on the exchange they left at 12.00 noon went out with Sgt. Vatahu and Cpl. Roosen and Gordon to repair lines to Navaloc had a pair of snow shoes on for the first time walked about 2 miles

Page 66

April 3

Worked in the exchange all day on there was no relife (relief) sent up for Pvt. Duffy and Eberly got the troubles eleacad (cleared) on the navaloc line received supplies from archangel today for supply the service sheverors (cheverons) were also received a letter from S. H. dated Jan 3 late but welcome large gun passed through town on way to the front major Corbly just came in the door and inquired about the men at the front the Colonel had his sheveron (cheverons) on his left arm.

April 4

Got up at 7.30 and shaved had a bath yesterday and sent my clothes to be washed today In the evening went to the Hospital with Pvt. Cone to have a little old time stuff arrived just in time to get in on the noculation of Cholera all troops are to be noculated

April 5

Felt sick today and did not do much and did not pain much but had awfull (awful) headache retired at 7.30 P.M.

April 6

Awoke at 9 A.M. and and did not feel very well

Page 67

Went to the Hospital and got some medicine was issued our new over seas caps and also service sheverons Sgt. Vatchis sewed my sheveon on for me we also had our photos taken today by Sgt Stork

April 7

Did not feel very good when I awoke this morning did not work felt too sick went to the hospital again in the evening and the Medical fellow named Corsical painted my thsonyht (throat) and made me lose my supper it sure was some bitter stuff he gave me Pvt Marsh tested the ice in the river and found it to be 2 ft thick the fellows say we are going home soon and there is all kinds of betting going on Rubles took a drop in value now 56 to the Cb. Wrote 2 letters one to S.H. one to mother

April 8

Did not feel so sick today got up and had a little exersise in morning fed on soft boiled eggs while I was sick heard that we were going on a new front Col Corbly, Lt Waesn, Lt Warner were just in front getting there pictures taken

April 9

Worked on the exchange this morning just like a summer day out


April 9

Woke up this morning not feeling very good and worked all the day on the exchange Pvt Ebust.. came back from the front to have his teeth fixed. Was told we would start for Morgoskia in morning Pvt. Dream, Pvt Duffy Pvt. Draper, Pvt. Ebarly also came back today to join us on our way back.

April 10

Started at 9 oclock on our journey the little instrit (instance) of the canteen of Rum? Arrived in Bercanika (could be Bereznik) at 12.30 was held over on acount (account) of no convey avaiable (available) saw Moving picture in the evening for the first time since left U.S A. and slept in the show house after the show was awaken at 400 A.M. to go on guard on the supplies had the first rain of the spring last night Pvt.Dream and Cpl Roosen were? Picana?

April 11

Went to the Hospital and got our second shot for cholera. Did not start till 1100 AM. And assisted …. Paonda (arrived in Paanda) about 500 oclock and saw a lot of Canadians visited Y. But was closed them about hour.

Page 69

Then proceeded to where we spent the night women wanted to buy one of my Blankets for 25 roubles (rubles) and an egg cone played a little bit on violin had 2 men on guard on the convoy and some one stole 3 Barrack bags one contained 700 roubles (rubles) belonging to Melonski.

April 12

Awoke at 6 oclock and sent and helped the lady get some water at the well about half a verst away convoy started at 8.00 and proceeded to Morgoski stoped at Co. A. Billits (billets) and cooked dinner had soup and coffee and Bread to eat started on our way for monstree arived at mogratree at 7 oclock arrived at. The piciss(precise) time machine gun crew of English did and had a little bit of trouble over billits (billets) but finialy (finally) move out Cpl Roosen and Eberly slept in barn I slept in house.

April 13

Awoke at 5.30 and took a strool (stroll) around town went down to the river and saw that the ice was all broken in the river . came back and played cards with the kids in evening Pvt. Cone, Cpl Roosen Drochee and my self went over the

Page 70

supply Co Billits (Billets) and played the violin and sang raised hell in general. Went on duty at Bn. H.Q. at 11.00 oclock slept all night

April 14

Awoke this morning to find the sun shining bright went with Cone to see the river and ended up at a grave yard went to see if this american soldies (soldier) that died on the barge last fall had been buired (buired) these (there) fond (found) no trace of the grave came back and packed up to move in to the selot town back called Morgoski had a little bit of singing there started to move had early dinner arrived in other berg and found rotten Billits (Billets) they put 5 of us in a House where the women had a contagous (contagious) deasase (disease) reported to Col. Corbly and he had us move out moved in one of Co. B. Billits (Billets) had a good night sleep awoke at 8.30 A.M.

April 15

Found the sun shining nice a bright had a little trouble over our new room messndosy wanted us put out so he could

Page 71

Have our rooms for mess back also got my soap box back had discovered it in the possision (possession) of our noted cook marindoy. Hauled water for the kitchen went with Pvt Cone down to the river and wastched (watched) the stream flowing out with the river was notified at 8.30 that I need not report for telephone duty to night we sang and told stories for a while then debated on the homeword journey and retired.

April 16

Another very cold day felt very much house sick thought of my S.H. and all the loved ones at home cleaned my rifle and also put an american flag at the front window Pvt Aikins just came in and told me we were going back to the old camp days of reveille and retreat and inspection went on duty in evening received 2 telegrams and sent 2 telegrams almost froze to death as the ordely (orderly) room just has a little stove in it today I nearly went crazy with joy received 14 letters and 2 Magazines the river is getting pretty rotten Pvt. Cone, Cpl Rossen and I took a walk over to river

Page 72

April 17

Sun was nice and bright and the snow is just about all gone the men of Co B are helping to drain the water off around the village had my hair cut today helped to put telephone in Hospital report today that we would celebrate 4th In the States sleighing is finished now saw wagon on road for first all winter.

April 18

Wind blowing today warm and partly cloudy went over to the river to look at the ice came back and waited around to take a bath got my bath a 6.00PM. Pvt. Cone and my self. Took a bath

April 19

Awoke this morning and had breakfast Sgt. Mayor. Lum came over and told us we had to move out of our room as they were going to use it as our exchange was very mad lot of men sleep in burns(barns) so I am going to sleep in barns to Mernday brought a calf pair 300 rubles for it 5 weeks old I and Frisnes Killed it went out and played ball … little while with supply

Page 73

April 20

Easter Morning and cone and Dessrossker are pealing potatoes and talking about Detroit witch makes me feel very blue went out hunting Ducks saw about 12 of them no luck though had good dinner today Veal and mashed potatoes coffee fresh bread strawberry pie went on duty in evening and nearly froze to death sudden change in weather very cold and snow rained all day.

April 21

Awoke this morning had a little elsnruy the sag with Messndorf over hat Pvt Eberly had his court martial trial to day Capt. Taylor of our Co was the officer to question him put our new exchange in and was a very cold job as it was snowing et Col. Corbly visited our exchange and was .surprized to find that his men slept in our room did not give orders to have us moved from our quarters slept with Durocher had a bad cold.

April 22

Awoke this morning and done a lot of work to day hauled water for new filler Cpl Harris made in afternoon played ball with supply Co beat Co B platton by score of 7 to 8


Went out in evening and saw the russian bacashnares dance was not very welcome there came back and went to work on exchange also put a line to Hospital today.

April 23

Carried water for the kitchen and in the after noon played ball with H.Q. against Supply and lost the game went on the exchange in the evening

April 24

Rained today helped haul water for kitchen went down to the river with Fresie took our rifles shot at several ducks no luck river is breaking up today. Ball game called on account of rain.

April 25

Awoke this morning and was surpirsed (surprised) to see the river had risen about 10ft. ice is piling up all over along river the men came back from the front last night slept in our old Billits (Billets) and the eock coaches (cockroaches) were so thick that they had them in there shoes and in all part of there clothing in afternoon men found different Billits (Billets) and moved in river has

Page 75

Flown over banks and flooded the flats russian people one starting to fish today for first times went down and saw the russians fish played ball with supply Co against 4 (H) platoon B. Cl and lost 4 to 3 had to ride over to ball grounds on raft.

April 26

This morning the sun is out nice and bright went down and saw the russians fish in after noon saw Lt. Warner go out srining and caught one large fish about 5 lbs. Lady over by supply Cl made a remark about her self. Made all the men laugh went over to the other fellows billits (billets) and played poker lost 5 rubles cone and my self were assigned to perminet (permanent) night duty on telephone ice clearing out of river fast

April 27

The river is flowing fast and the ice is just about all out here now the russian people have their picnic today so no fishing They caught one large fish Saturday it weighed 29 lbs. laughed to see them divide this fish into 4 equal parts went to Y. today to get my ration of cigarettes

Page 75.1

And candy rained a little today some of the fellow got there shot in the arm Cone celebrated his one year in the army today by being sick all day played cards in evening.

April 28

Very nice day went down to river and watched the Russians come in from fishing worked on my ring rained today Pat.(Pvt.) W. said every one had to stay out of signal office his signs dissapeared (disappeared) he made

April 29

Celebrated my one year in the army by playing ball played with Supply Co. again at H.Q. score 34-11 also stake holder for a couple of bets worked on my rung a little more heard that 500 russians had gone over the lines to the Bolos at Tulgua and only 300 returned river cleared of ice played cards won 33 rubles. Sent a telegram to my S.H.

April 30

Received two letters today one from S.H. one from Mother dates March 15-16 was detailed for K.P. today with Cone played cards to past the time away.

May 1 Worked at K.P. today again in afternoon. Was going to play ball

Page 75.2

But game was called off on account of rain had poor cocoa for supper Cone dumped the dish water in the cocoa by mistake stole a pie off of cook and had to go without. For dinner

May 2

Went fishing in the morning had no luck went and played Ball in afternoon lost by score of 13-14 with Co A went fishing in evening caught 1 large fish and 2 small ones came back and cooked these and had a feast first fish I tasted in 9 months.

May 3

Sun nice and bright cleaned up for inspection after inspection went out with 3 russians fishing only got about 30 lbs. Had one large one for my self. Cooked it for my supper fellows hung all around me when eating it went on duty at 9 P.M.

May 4

Sun nice and bright this morning went to church in an old log barn by the wind mill chaplins asked Cone to play violin he said it was quiet a ways over to Billits (Billets) all the fellows laughed at him billits (Billets) being only a couple of doors away

Page 76

Visited the medical men and played a good joke on a fellow over his service stripe witch was in his diary medical men gave us 2 fired (fruit) cakes tasted very good saw an English light gun boat first one since last fall came back to Billits (Billets) and retired

May 5

Nice day. Played our first game of league base ball with 4th Platoon B. Co. and lost by score of 9-10. Favor. B. Co. went on telephone duty in evening today also brought back the 5th day of June to me and my sad departure from home as 4 young russians were drafted and leaving for Bosiznick saw them leaving home mothers were all crying and never saw any one fellow get so many kisses as those 4 Russians got. Another monotor pased (passed) here on the way to the front received my rations from Y.M.C.A.

May 6

Very nice morning 2 more large Monotors were seen passing on river towards Berezinks only 4 hours of darkness now went over and watched medical men play ball also watched Co. Sgts and officer never had such a good laugh in a long while watching them play was detailed for guard duty form 12.00 to 3.00 A.M. day light all the night long

Page 77

May 7

Very nice day at K.P. yet came off guard at 7 A.M. in afternoon played ball and lost another game to the 1st Platoon B. Co. went on duty at 2 P.M.

May 8

Nice morning again Pvt Eberly Dream and Roosen were missing this morning they went to Yalsaeinz and had a little stew party cone and I were notified that we were to take part in the 1st Bn show went to rehersal (rehearsal) in evening wind was blowing and getting colder in evening retired at 10PM.

May 9

Wind. Blowing this Morning and very cold. At dinner time we were notified that we were going to move to Ust-Morge to where the boat landing was arrived at Uat Morge 600 PM Pat. Installed exchange cone and I went on duty in evening at 9 0clock discovered the room was full of bed bugs but it did not disturb us and we got a good night sleep.

May 10

Cold wind in morning made my self a bed

Page 78

And also a tick to sleep on layed around the rest of the day received our tobacco rations ordely room moved into telephone exchange

May 11

Not so cold this morning Shaved and cleaned up was very much surprised to receive mail to day 1 letter from S.H. 2 from mother 1 from Ira Iverasom 1 from Elez. 1 from aunt Iene and 1 from Martin Schelenger and also my letter from Edison Co with check enclosed in afternoon went to the village across the pond and bought 8 eggs paid 30 c for 1 egg also saw some more Russian recruits leave for Bereynitks took bath at 5.30 on duty in evening at exchange.

May 12

Still cold today went on K.P. Cone laughed at me when washing dishes at noon and Col. Corbly came over and was talking to me about the garbage and where to put it. Tickled cone to see I did not stand at attention went out about 4 versts in country and bought a calf 1 year old for 600 rubles and out outragous price women gave us 3 eggs I killed the calf out at the place we bought it.

May 13

Still on K.P. snowing today order issued to clean the town of all rubbish receive another issue of Sentinal today with the cpeach (speech) that Gen Richardson gave the troops on the rachand bulvs cain to thiso bug as

Page 79

Bugler so we have the old custer days back again had a fine supper roast veal and gravy and potatoes Gen Richardson arrived today but did not stay long left for Buzniki at 6 oclock men had theo rifles all polished for inspection but he did not stay long enough to inspect us.

May 14

Snow on the ground this morning about 1 in thick received my Y.M.C. … rations went over to signal Billits with cone and had a little sin ging concert came back and went on duty

May 15

Cone went on guard last night and Cpl Roosen came and slept with me and the bed bugs just about ate him up swore he would never sleep in my bed again in afternoon cone and I went over to others village and got our laundry. Also bought 4 eggs for 12 roubles (rubles) Lt Warnioker arrived from Berzniki with supply boat received some more Red Cross stuff today 2 package of camels 2 padrades(packages) of gum 2 tirbea (tubes) of tooth paste. Homemade calumus powder Ehining tobacco went over guard in evening for 2 hours

May 16

Had eggs for breakfast was visited by the general today he also n….

Page 80

…. Very nice speech to us poepl (people) around here have this wind up Co. B. Sent out patrol heard the report from Patrol what the Lady said about the two soldiers jumping out from the side of the road and ict was issued 1 lbs of chocolate and some tobacco as our regular ration of candy just started received one letter from Mr. Selvester played a little bit of Base Ball in evening stoped (stopped) playing at 9 oclock and retired.

May 17

Cloudy and cold Played ball with supply Co against B. Co. lost by score of 5 to 6 received orders to go to Passo for rehersal on Minstral show left a 7.00 with cone and Culver arrived in plisso and arranged to mess with Co. K men rehearsed in evening and went to billits (billets) and was nearly smoked out.

May 18

Nice day awoke at 9 oclock cooked some bacon and coffee for Breakfast caunrd(carried) our rations over to the Kitchen of K. Co then went over to Plisso after some bread Eberly told us about his fight with Pat over the work. rehearsed in evening frontrses. Ooly (Aoly or Coby). Rap. Of Co A were also these another night of nearly being smoked out

May 19

Awoke to late for drilling gang was cooking all

Page 81

There peticn an of practing (practicing) for the show another night of practice medical men being present also Lt Sarie and Lt Smith retired at 10.30.

May 20

Very nice day started to get the fellows togeather (together) Harty and I moved the stove inside shaveded (shaved) in the afternoon and about 2 oclock started to rehearse all men were present called Eberly up and Draper buted in and said there was 3 transports in Archangel more rehearsel (rehearsal) in evening retired at 10.00 oclock just as the sun was setting.

May 21

Nice day not much doing in morning in after noon played ball caught and hurt my hand sprained 2 fingers in evening rehearsed over to Capt. Boyd Quarters retired at 10.30

May 22

Being my birthday thought a lot of home and was quiet lonesome rained today cone and I went to Ust. Morge and took a bath Durocher and Dream jumped on us about guard duty shot at a duck on way over rehearsal in evening.

May 23

Awoke this morning the sun was shining very bright Cone and I went hunting and had a hunters luck! Wet But and Hungry gut! Saw lot of Ducks visited the y. in the afternoon rehearsed a little in evening then retired.

Page 82

May 24

Another nice day went over to Island hunting Hart and Colson went over to Island also we only saw 2 geese slept about 3 hours on the sand helped the women to work on the flax in after noon went to the other village and saw Draper came back at 330 had supper then drew rations and rehearsed on the new stage retired at 1100.

May 25

Very nice morning went over on Island with the cook. Cook shot a seagul. And also a rat in evening went over and started rehearsal Capt. Boyd came over and announced that we were moving in morning men were all very happy one of the most beautiful sun sets ever seen this evening sun set at 9.30 retired at 11.30 Cone went to memorial services and played violin

May 26

Got up at 600 A.M. and got our stuff ready to move to Ust. Morge started at 8.30 arrived in Ust Morge at 9.10 Co B and Co. A got on barge and sailed at 2.30 Cone and I got our washing and also visited barge very much different than the ones we rode on nice bunks in it. Played ball and after noon and Sprained my ankel (ankle) had to be carried over to the hospital where I was bandaged up

Page 83

Retired at 10.30

May 27

Very nice day ankel (ankle) pained very much today Cone made me a pair of crutches all the fellows are kidding me about my ankel (ankle) had lots of fun watching the fellow play a game out in the back called Stake and Straw game retired at 11.00 sun set at 10.00 Pm.

May 28

Another nice day Doctor looked at my ankel (ankle) and dressed it layed around all day Cone went out and bought 20 eggs for 4 rubles a piece.

May 29

Very nice day today B. Co. 4th plattoon (platoon) left today Supply Co got left not enough room on boat men felt very mad.

May 29

Another nice day nothing of importance today.

May 30

Very nice day had Memorial services today for a fellow that died on the barge last fall all detached men are being called back to there companys orders received that I go back. On first passenger boat for arch an gel men were out ferling (looking) today with gernades got about …o Cos. Nice pike

Page 2

I got in bench by river and watched Lt. Warrs and harris and chaplin marking a stovs in bank of sand women cleaned the fish the fellows got for the heads and the innards retired at 10:30 and still up.

May 31

Sun nice and bright men went fishing and got quite a mess of fish took a bath in morning heard that we were to move on the morrow inspection today also

June 1

Received orders that we were to move in the morning well were all prepared but were disapointed (disappointed) we all felt hand of Blue had another mess of fish come bought some eggs

June 2

In morning received orders to be ready to move at 2 P.M. get all ready and moved down to boat at scheduled time boat had a little trouble 3 yluco (Gluco) broke on way down river and stopped 6 miles from Yemstskoe saw some of the new english troops claimed not to be volunteers men. Cooked on bank and some slept on bank.

June 3

Started this morning

Page 3

At 3.30 and went to yemstskoe left yemstskoe and cone and I had some eggs and fried potatoes after our light supper passed quite a few boats with English Soldiers going to -the front. Arrived in Babantsa at 11.30 and left there at 1143 for E umomy) point slept on board boat.

June 4

Awoke this morning to find the sun shining bright and boat at the dock went up to H. Q. Co. and met the fellows sure seemed to me like old Custer to see all the old faces. Went to show in evening.

June 5

Went over to the bath house and had a bath and did my washing. Saw the movies in the evening. Co H. came back from front.

June 6

Received pass to Archangel for 2 days but was sent to Hospital on that day machine broke down on way to Hospital .

June 7

Layed in bed all day good cots 8 other men in my ward Cpr. Roosen and Cone came and seen me.

June 8

Same old stuff in Hospital received

Page 4

some chocolate from nurse

June 9

Got my clothes and went out for an walk joined the other fellows and went to Y.W.C. A. visited the battle Ships. Pc. (PVT) De Moise had supper on board some Lord England came in to day and anchored in Harbor rode on street care for nothing came back to Hospital at 900

June 10

Went out for walk with Pvt. Fair of Amb. Co. 337. Visited Y.W. C. A went and had a supper at resturant (restaurant) saw Royal Scotts came back from front boat whistles Blew a lot had an awful lot of people turned out to see them returned to Hospital at 1100 Am.

June 11

Walked up town with another fellow from hospital and returned at dinner time did a little walking in afternoon. Saw moovis (movies) at convalesant (convalescent) Hosp. In evening.

June 12

Was notified that was to leave in afternoon orders were received at Eleven oclock that all patients were to be evacuated today arrived at Econemy at 4.30

Page 5

Received some red cross candy.

June 13

Snow storms and awful cold received 2 letters 1 June SH orsa from Mother saw movies in evening

June 14

Nothing of importance today only getting ready to move boat did not come till 8 oclock got stuck on sand bar had to be taken out to get on board in one of the tugs slept on board in hammocks.

June 15

Raining today ice breaker pulled us off this bar at 6.30 started on our way started on our way the other boat had mules on to be unloaded at Mursmansk. Received my insignia of the reg. (Regiment) The Polar Bears. Good sleep

June 16

Saw ice this morning and also land (been) very cold same old line of inspections for saw several dead seal on the ice passed the others ship bound for Murmansk returnig at 10.30 got coffee from Y.W. C. A.

June 17

awoke this morning

Page 6

to find we had passed through the ice fields would see land most of the time so just played cards to pass away the tim (time).

June 18

Same old stuff lot of men sick

June 19

struck storm as this morning on the Atlantic and waves were 40ft high and not feel very good and not eat dinner or supper.

June 20

Still storming and boat listing very much awful lot of men not eating no use getting sick no one takes care of you no hospital on this boat proper name of boat Prince Hemrick boat that Kiser sailed around the world in.

June 21

Pulled into some island at 400 a.m. and not feeling very well shaved and washed and had little breakfast anchored in front of town named Lernick port of Shellton of Ils. Left at 1.30P.M. did not see a tree on island sea nice and calm retired at 10.00 P.M.

June 22

Weather rainy and fogy this morning Islands in sight on right

Page 7

And left of us ham and lone egg for Breakfast my egg. Being raw would not eat it returned a 1100

June 23

Wind blew and we were tossed about like a egg shell sighted quite a few boats.

June 24

awoke this morning to find the wind blowing and a light rain fallin came in sight of land at 11.30 at 1230 a large american transport passed us going in to Brest beautiful scenery along trip in land all flags were out as today marked peace benng (being) sigwresd(signed) Transport left today with 3rd Bn. Marched 4 mi to camp Sergrst in France tenting 50,000 men had one grand supper.

Page 8

Visited Salvation army also Y.m.C.A returned at 1100

June 25

Raning found good article in paper on 339th in after noon had inspection an took my record bath and had lot of fun over it received some new cloths also order a map of this camp. Also filled my list when I wanted my jace of and to when dissoblesed (could be faced blessed).

June 26

Layed around in the morning and in evening went and saw a good boxing match and also saw a reception given in honor of general of 8 Div lot of farm worker.

June 27

Sent some letters and watched ball game rest of our men came in on the Mannominee,

June 28

Had pack inspect and also fever test were told we would go in morning drew rifles received 1 letter from J. Evoe

June 29

nice day drew pay for 3 months $68.50 bought long photos of the Co that was taken yesterday our going being delayed 48 hours. 5,000 officers left camp today and were told that we were to move in the morning fellow went out and get a lot of booze lots of them drunk 3 in our tent

June 29

Prepared to leave at 700 AM. Left camp at 9.30 get on ship at 2.30 had good supper name of ship U.S. President Grant.

June 30

Nice day President Wilson left today on the George Washington was given the salute by battleships we had to stand at attention when boat passed. Retired at 10.30

Page 10

July 1

More troops came on board today totaling 5000 300 troops received notice we were to sail in morning saw the lights of Brest in evening witch gave me the blues

July 2

Very nice day having movies every night helped Cpl Roosen cheque the passengers lists. Good eats

July 3

Received wireless today of the fight also base ball scores wrote 2 letters to SH. To Mother retired at 10.00

July 4

Good breakfast this morning cream of wheat grape fruit coffee 2 eggs. For dinner we had chicken and gravy sliced cucumbers, mince meat pie coffee. for supper we had stewed chicken and cake and peaches listing to the band play and retired at 1000

Page 11

July 2

Very nice morning saw a whale while I was out on deck this morning bought a photo of the ship sent it to SH chart showed us to be just 1212 miles from France have report every noon saw movies in evening band played received report of prize fight.

July 6

Wind blowing a little storm in morning saw movies at night got some small books to read went to confession

July 7

Very nice morning attended comssniohs quiet a few fellows sick filled out blank jor jobs. Navy band played in afternoon movies in evening. The casual band played and also a quartettes of the causal outfit sang.

July 8

watched offices sursce signed payroll today

Page 12

July 9

colder this morning and boat pitching a lot bought book on passenger list and watched movies in evening painted my helmet a little

July 10

Page 13




Coat orn


Field shoes

Cap Ors

Op shirs +1



2 Underwares

4 sox


Torlet Amt.

Page 14

July 3 ...........Mi .............From................. to
....................Speed......... Brest............ Boston
July2 .............11.7 ...........621 ..............2268
“ ” 3 ..............12,26 ..............................1968
“ ” 4 ..............11.7 ................................1682
“ ” 5 ..............10.1 ................................1434
“ ” 6 ..............10.2 ................................1186
“ ” 7 ..............10.4 ..................................909
“ ” 8 ..............10.5 ..................................651
“ ” 9 ..............10.9 ..................................386

Page 15

S. Ulenkyfrek Anixanrer6eksu
Ujayrecen Bkofrn Flatcugoofrabnoa
S Ulenkypck ispekanreivackoa
Ryaepuin Bnopn Flukucpopbr

(two russian stamps on bottom of page)

Page 16

List of towns having passed through on our drive against the Bolshviks

.................Distance ......Via

Brisnicki .....6 miles .....Boat
Schindrova ..6 mi ........Foot
Tehmova .....6 mi .........“ “
Navalock ....5 mi ........Foot
Shaushaga ...7 mi ........Boat
Tulgus .......10 mi ........Foot
Seltzo .......15 mi .........Foot
Pouchega ..18 mi ........Foot
Back to Seltzo 18 mi ..Boat
Shegovara .43 mi .......Foot
Kaeloa ......23 mi .........“ “

Elizabeth Koshilava
O/o Post Office

V.T. Vaga ....22 mi ......Foot

Page 84

(page 84 is a list of last names on right column and a series of numbers across the top on the inside grid has 1, blank, zero or 1. In the grid squares I believe this is the base ball line up for games because the numbers are from 1 to 9. X must mean strike out, 1 a hit, zero a walk or field out)

(names are)

Stavug (Staorig)
Supply Co. line up

Page 85

(I believe this to be another baseball line up it shows 1 through 9 at top with names down the left side)

(At top of page)

Played April 29 at Morgoskia Russia

(along the left side)


(at bottom of page it says)

H.Q. Line Up