Photos from the Dvina River Front

These photos were taken in June 2005 of the Allied fortifications located where the tiny Shipiliha River joins the Northern Dvina River.
Here is a
map showing the location of the village of Podsosenye, which is about 7 km north of the outlet of the Shipiliha River.

(All photos courtesy of Alexey Suhanovsky, Arkhangel'sk, Russia)

The banks of the Northern Dvina River.


Alexey with one of his many "finds".


Close up of the artillery shell (above) showing the driving band.
The rifling marks on the driving band indicate that this shell has been fired and was apparently a dud.


The craters formed by exploding artillery shells are still visible 87 year later.


The old trenches are also still visible.


Spent cartridges litter the bottom of the old trenches.


Alexey holds a handful of cartridge casings, which also cover the bottom of the excavated trench.


Barbed wire entanglements still protect the silent trenches.


Unspent ammuntion can also be found in great quantities and
the gunpowder inside them will still burn.


A variety of items that were found by Alexey and his metal detector.


Alexey stands on the abutment of a bridge that might have been built by the 310th Engineers.


Grave markers of Bolshevik (Red Army) soldiers.

View his photos taken at the Railroad Front



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